Greece Welcomes First Holistic Spa in Mystras with an Undulating Design – Hospitality Design

Jennifer Young • September 23, 2019


Tucked into the base of a mountain between a cypress forest and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mystras, Greece, Euphoria Retreat debuted as the first holistic spa concept of the country. Melding with nature, the four-story, 3,000-square-foot space gets its striking undulating look from DecaArchitecture, in collaboration with Natalia Efraimoglou & Partners, crafted with a results-driven destination spa in mind.

Housed within the minimalist structure are the spa’s reception, underground treatment and consultation rooms, as well as spaces for changing all dispersed throughout the elliptical spaces. Connected through catacomb-inspired corridors, the zen-like space is punctuated by three cylinders, with one of them opening to the sky and allowing natural light to penetrate the area.

Up a spiral staircase are private treatment rooms in monastic-like chambers. The indoor pool offers a tranquil ambiance with spherical cut-outs and archways, which allow guests to access from various entrance points, while the main floor’s design is reminiscent of a mechanical clock’s gears.