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Have a perfect home with just the right pieces to keep it modern (Shutterstock)

It is every ones dream to have the perfect home. Currently people are moving towards a more minimalist way of decorating their houses, away from clutter and cliché designs.

With new trends comes better living solutions that are best suited for these small spaces while still maintaining the modern touch.

We look at some house storage trends you probably missed that are decorative and will have your small space looking modern:

Glass jars can be used to store cereals and also as flower vases (Shutterstock)
  • Glass jar containers

These glass jars are perfect for storing all kinds of cereals. They come in different designs and depending on what suits your space, you get to choose from a variety of coloured leads too. Unlike the old plastic containers, these glass jars will add aesthetic to your space, take up very little space and you won’t have to label all your containers.

Another perk to owning these glass jars is that they are multifunctional. If you do not want to use the jars to store cereal, you can use them as flower vases or candle holders.

Open door closets are easier to access and they save on space (Shutterstock)
  • Open door closets

Open door closets are currently the way to go. They are easy to install on your walls and they put to use the space you don’t walk into or need. Furthermore, you are able to paint and match them to your bedroom theme. They are also accessible meaning all your clothes are within your eyeshot and you can decide on outfits much easily.

This modern trend has one ‘downside’ though, your clothes have to be neat every time. Unlike the older bulky wardrobes that easily hide your mess once closed, open closets leave your clothes exposed as they have no doors.

  • Movable kitchen islands

If you are in need of saving space, this is the perfect solution for you. Movable kitchen islands are currently winning when it comes to modern interior décor because they are easy to use and very accessible.

They come in two designs: one is a table with wheels while the other can be set and folded back up after use. You don’t have to worry about your space being too small for a table in the kitchen anymore, these movable kitchen islands will fit right in.

Storage ottomans can be used as seats while you store away other things like blankets in them (Shutterstock)
  • Storage ottomans

Long gone are the days of wood stools and poufs, the new trend is these storage ottomans. They are basically a refined version of pouf stools only better as they contain storage space. Instead of going for a bulky sofa which will take up all your space and add no spice to your room, why not go for storage ottomans.

They take up very little space and you can hide away extra blankets, clothes or even books to give your space more room to breathe. They also come in different colours and they can sit in any part of the house be it your bedroom or sitting room, the choice is all yours.

  • Over-the-door shoe racks

This is also another trend currently dominating bedroom spaces. Instead of investing in a shoe rack that will likely take up most of your space, try these over-the-door shoe racks. You simply place them over your bedroom door and neatly arrange your shoes.

These racks give you more space in the room and you can add a dressing table if you like. You won’t have to hit your leg all the time on your shoe rack or constantly straighten those shoes that are always looking droopy.

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