Minimalist Mondays –

Here are the videos that have caught our attention this week for our Minimalist Mondays slot- enjoy! 

Minimalism on Female First

Minimalist Home Tour | Ryan Nicodemus Owns Almost Nothing by The Minimalists 

Joshua Fields Millburn did an apartment tour a little while ago, so it was only a matter of time before Ryan followed in his footsteps…

MINIMALISM FOR BEGINNERS | 10 Simple Tips for Minimalism | Home, Wardrobe, Beauty by A Small Wardobe 

A Small Wardrobe You Tuber admits minimalism has helped her shape a life that is not too far from her idea of her best life. She explains on her channel that the experience of minimalism has helped her to manage her time, money, space and create meaning and freedom to do the things that she values most. This video is a guide on how to begin your minimalist journey. A Small Wardobe offers 10 simple tips for those seeking to venture into minimalism.

WHAT’S IN MY BAG? | minimalist edition by Ashlynne Eaton 

Ashlynne Eaton opens up her bag for the world to see to get an idea of what a minimalist purse might look like and perhaps inspire you to give yours a make-over. 

The Psychology of Minimalism and How it Changes Everything by MJ Gordon 

Less is more… but really, how does the psychology go down on that one? How does minimalism help us find fulfillment, meaning, and appreciation? MJ Gordon explains how it comes down to a little psychology…

Benefits of Minimalism | The Joy of Letting Go by Abundantly Minimal 

This short film addresses many of the benefits of minimalism and shares how you can experience joy when starting to live more intentionally. Over the past four years, Sarah from Abundantly Minimal writes that she is so grateful to have simplified her life and to have experienced these minimalism benefits firsthand, she says on her channel that she hopes to help others to feel inspired to do the same.

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