FRAME luxury lifestyle apparel opens in River Oaks – Houston Chronicle

For luxury lifestyle brand FRAME, denim is more than just a part of on outfit; it’s a statement. The brand, which blends California style with a European aesthetic, is a boutique atelier known for its forward-thinking and sustainable fashion with a primary focus on denim.

On Nov. 23, the London and Los Angeles based brand opened its first Houston retail store in River Oaks at 4444 Westheimer Rd. The 2,042 square foot boutique features a minimalist design concept. The store offers a vast array of clothing items, so keeping a clear concept space means staff must go to extra lengths to serve customers.

General Manager Elzie Hollins explained, “We want to give a more holistic view to servicing our clients. We strive to make sure that everybody is comfortable in the space.”

When a customer walks in the store, he or she is greeted by an employee who asks detailed questions to assess the client’s need. The employee then sets to work finding all the clothing options that meet those requirements.

“We do a quick Q&A to see what a person may need,” Hollins explained. “We have a few checkpoints, and then get you into a few different styles, and then calibrate from there.”

Hollins said that the brand’s success is due to the employees having a strong product knowledge. “We’re experts on the clothing we sell, so we’re not just handing people things to try on. We know what we have here, and when we find out what you like, we can get you the perfect fit,” he said.

The brand caters to all body sizes. “I think FRAME has really done a great job at introducing styles, getting client feedback, getting employee feedback, and really tooling that fit- no pun intended- to fit the frame of your body,” Hollins said.

In addition to being on-trend, the clothing is durable and comfortable. “We sell items that you’ll wear for years. We want you to love these pants so much that you buy one in every color,” Hollins said.

FRAME offers free tailoring for all its clothing items, so if an item is too long or fits too loosely in a particular area, a client can have the item tailored to their measurements at no charge.

“I think the biggest thing at FRAME is making sure you find something you love,” said Hollins. “We’re not here to sell you what we think you should buy. We’re here to help you find something you love and feel great in.”