Gongs for Elon: Musk’s £38,500 electric Tesla Model 3 beats petrol and diesel vehicles to FOUR awards and is named New Car of the Year by Parkers

  • It’s the first time an electric car has won Parkers’ Best New Car of the Year 
  • The Model 3 also collected awards for best electric model and best company car
  • Parkers also gave the car the Safety Award, with the Model 3 acing crash tests

Tesla’s Model 3 has collected a raft of trophies at a leading car awards ceremony in the UK, winning four categories in total and beating petrol and diesel models to three.

The £38,500 (inclusive of the government’s £3,500 plug-in car grant) was named by Parkers as the New Car of the Year at its annual motoring awards events – the first time an electric vehicle has taken the crown. 

The Model 3 also bagged gongs for the best electric model, best company car and a safety award having aced the industry’s crash tests.

Winner: The Tesla Model 3 was named the best car in four categories at the Parkers Awards, including the Best New Car of the Year

Experts at Parkers said they were mightily impressed with the Tesla Model 3, calling it ‘capable, likeable and extremely good to drive’. 

Keith Adams, editor of the motoring title, said: ‘Although we’re a long way from the end of days for petrol and diesel, it’s good to know that the forward-thinking among us have a choice of some very talented alternatively-powered cars.

‘The Tesla Model 3 isn’t just a good electric car. It is a good car full stop.

‘Not only do attractive leases make it cheaper to run than you would think, it is environmentally-friendly and also very fast and fun to drive.

‘It is the first time an electric car has been named Parkers’ Car of the Year, but with all the big manufacturers spending billions on developing exciting EVs, it is unlikely to be the last.’

Tesla’s smallest and cheapest car is already proving popular among Britons.

It was the UK’s third best-selling model in August – the first time an electric vehicle has made the top 10 best sellers.

While this was a landmark achievement, it was predominantly the result of the mass arrival of the first batch of examples on UK soil, with some customers placing orders more than two years ago. 

Customers have been collecting the first batches of Model S models to arrive in the UK since mid-June. A huge arrival in August saw it become the third most-registered car that month

Prices have been fluctuating quite drastically for the Model 3 already this year. In August, Tesla increased prices by 6%

Parkers said the Tesla Model 3  isn’t just a good electric car, it’s  a ‘good car full stop’.  The minimalist interior, featuring a big touchscreen on the dash, might not be to all tastes, though

This is Money highlighted earlier this month that buyers face fluctuating prices when it comes to purchasing one of the plug-in models.

During August, prices across the Model 3 range increased by six per cent – increases of £2,000 and £3,000 depending on which of the three specifications drivers choose. 

However, Parkers says the Model 3 still represents relatively affordable driving. 

The cheapest Tesla Model 3 costs under £400 per month on finance and will travel 32 miles for every £1 of electricity – three times as far as a petrol or diesel equivalent.

The Model 3 also bagged gongs for the best electric model, best company car and a safety award

Parkers said this is the first time it has awarded the Best New Car of 2020 gong to an electric model

Other big winners at the Parkers New Car Awards 2020 included the Ford Focus, which scooped the Best Small Family Car prize, while the Best Large Family Car was awarded to the Skoda Superb Estate.

The Best First Car was the Renault Clio, while the ‘utterly charming’ Suzuki Jimny beat SUVs costing twice as much to the title of Best Off-Roader.

The Volkswagen Touareg picked up the title of Best Tow Car. 

Adams added: ‘The Parkers New Car Awards represent the best cars on sale today – for people in all walks of life, at all budget points.

‘We’re obsessive over recommending the best vehicles for the Great British public – and these are the finest cars you can buy in 2020.’

The Ford Focus (left) scooped the Best Small Family Car prize while the award for the Best Large Family Car was awarded to the Skoda Superb Estate (right)

The Best Off-Roader award went to the Suzuki Jimny. That’s some feat for a car that costs from just £15,000 and was going up against £100,000 Range Rovers, Bentleys and Porsches

Best for just-passed drivers and pullers: The Best First Car gong was given to the Renault Clio (left) while the VW Touareg (right) won Best Tow Car


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