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Summertime inspires visions of shorelines and seas, with sailboats dancing along the waves and bathing suit-clad passengers distantly cavorting on deck. Whether or not you’ll be availing yourself of any of these activities and destinations this season, the pens shown here will undoubtedly act as reminders of blue waters, endless skies and memorable shores. And, of course, better times ahead.

While penning letters or postcards from near or far, these summertime—or anytime—pens offer uniquely beautiful aesthetics and well-crafted construction.

David Oscarson Sea Turtle

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The thirty-third in the David Oscarson series of limited edition writing instruments, the Sea Turtle collection is a saltwater companion to the Koi, released in 2017.

The Sea Turtle features three finely detailed turtles on the body of the pen, with ocean currents and schools of fish surrounding a colorful seascape of coral and angelfish in high and low relief. The Japanese symbols for “sea” and “turtle” are artistically displayed in high relief on the bottom of the pen and on the cap crown respectively. And in keeping with the Koi Collection, “David Oscarson” is engraved in Japanese script on the cap band. The fountain pen’s nib is 18-karat gold.

This collection, as in the earlier David Oscarson series, combines the centuries-old technique of guilloché with the art of hard enameling. Translucent teal, red, white, black and blue color options add drama to an already-dramatic underwater tableau.

Faber-Castell Tamitio Stone Grey

Evoking stormy skies and rocky coastlines, the new Tamitio Stone Grey fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint feature a minimalist aesthetic and classic styling. Unmistakably Faber-Castell, each pen has a finely fluted lacquered barrel in a shade that goes with everything, accented by high gloss ruthenium-plated details. The fountain pen features a rhodium-plated stainless steel nib.

Montegrappa Impressions of Nature

Nature provides the inspiration for a new Montegrappa collection produced in collaboration with Sarah, Duchess of York. Crafted from colorful celluloid and sterling silver, the piston-filled fountain pens are designed to recall the beauty of three natural kingdoms: Ocean, Forest and Garden. Ocean, shown here, has an 18-karat gold nib and features Sarah’s monogram on the cap crown and nib, as well as on the special packaging designed just for this limited edition. The sterling cap band is engraved with a series of seashells.

Pelikan Souveran 805 Blue Dunes

With shades of azure morphing to deep midnight blue, the Pelikan Blue Dunes Special Edition fountain pen is meant to conjure the color of sand dunes under a nighttime moon.

The popular Souveran 805 fountain pen has an 18-karat gold nib that is rhodium plated and engraved with the Pelikan logo. This collection, introduced last year, includes a Blue Dunes ballpoint pen. Both the fountain pen and ballpoint come in gift boxes. A perfect pairing for the fountain pen is Pelikan Edelstein Ink—in blue, of course.

Visconti Opera Master Polynesia

Designed to remind one of the Polynesian islands, famous for sandy beaches, serene blue seas and coral reefs in clear waters, the Visconti Opera Master Polynesia features engaging swirls of blue, white, cream and brown semi-transparent resin. The pen is fitted with Visconti’s own Double Reservoir Power Filler, which was patented in 1998, and its Hook Safe Lock keeps the pen and cap together, with no fear of the pen accidentally unscrewing (and thus leaving its mark) in one’s pocket or purse.

The Opera Master Polynesia is available as a rollerball pen or fountain pen, the latter featuring Visconti’s new in-house 18-karat gold nib in extra fine, fine, medium, broad and stub sizes.