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If Willy Wonka was into wellness, he might share some traits with Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon, a potions and powders connoisseur, superfood chef and go-to source for everything healthy, herbal and holistic in L.A. “I have a chocolate bar every day, but my real indulgence is putting my phone away—and pizza!” Here, some of the 37-year-old’s current sources of inspiration:

Out of Office
When we speak, she is “listening to Gamelan music in rainy Kauai.” RZA, Rogov and mantras also make the rotation; clinical studies, followed by a “good metaphysical read,” hit her regular reading list.

Daily Show
A tonic with Sex Dust ($38), Spirit Dust ($38) and Collagen Protect ($32), and holding off food until 11 a.m. make up her morning routine, which also involves a “fist full of pills” from her Moon Juice line. “At night, Magnesi-Om ($42) in some water and some oil in my hair.”

Carry On
Flying is also no-fuss: “I travel light, but always have LivOn Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C ($43) and raw shea butter for my lips.”

Makeup Minimalist
Chantal Bacon prefers to keep her makeup routine simple, relying on three essentials for both day and night: Living Libations Lip and Cheek Tint ($30), Westman Atelier Mascara ($62) and Saie Brow Butter ($18).

Simple Terms
“I’ve been feeling less and less attached to the stuff of life and more into prioritizing experiences,” she says. “If I had to choose one ‘thing’ I’m really loving right now it’s a white shearling coat from my friends at DÔEN.”

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