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Artwork and furniture bring some color into the home, though, like a vintage carpet in the living room and paintings on the walls that have pops of vibrant color. The artwork on display is eclectic, a collection of art swaps with artist friends. Two other spaces that are given special treatment are the bathroom, which features the same white tile on the floor but wood-clad walls and a bathtub, “like in a boat,” says Marion. The bedroom, too, uses the white tile, but gives way to a ring of carpet around the bed to provide warmth and comfort underfoot as you step in and out of the bed. “We like radical design, books, artwork, and fun,” declares Marion, and the apartment perfectly reflects all of those predilections.

“I’m a big fan of Italian design especially from the 1970s and 1980s, like Sottsass, Scarpa, and Gae Aulenti,” says Marion.

The artwork ranges from sculptural pieces to paintings, and greenery is placed around the living room in unusual planters.

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Embrace the eclectic Marion’s artwork ranges from small, sculptural pieces to larger, colorful paintings. Don’t limit yourself to one style, size, or type of artwork.

Ground your home One of the most important and consistent elements in the apartment is the white tile mosaic floor, which Marion says is “one of the most characteristic elements of the apartment.” It’s an unexpected choice for some spaces, like a bedroom, so consider incorporating other flooring like carpet in certain locations.

Mix different eras Select designs are vintage from the 1970s and 1980s, but Marion keeps them feeling fresh and contemporary by placing them with more modern pieces and finishes.

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Glacier ceramic mosaic floor and wall tile by Daltile, $2.57/square foot,

Classic duvet cover in graphite grid by Brooklinen, $119  

Two-handle bath fixture in light blue by Vola,

Handkerchief Planters by Jayson Home, from $50,

The polished surfaces in the kitchen and dining area reflect the ample sunlight and the white surfaces and materials of the room.