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“Less is more” if that’s the approach you follow in life, then keep reading for five minimalist home décor ideas that are uncluttered, tidy and tranquil for a beautiful home.

From drab to fab: 5 minimalist classy room decor ideas

If you firmly believe that less is more and think simple spaces are comforting, then you would absolutely embrace the minimalist décor. A minimalist decorating style eradicates most gewgaws, mismatched colour schemes, massive patterns and overelaborate trims to make space for essential and comforting design elements.  

The lesser the clutter, the tidier it looks and is easier to manage. Below we have featured five minimalist home décor ideas that are uncluttered, neat and serene for a beautiful and whole look for your personal space. 

1.       Magical Fairy Lights 

You can easily ditch bulbs and tubelights with a few strings of fairy lights. It jazzes up the room and give a Harry Potter feel. If you have an enormous window, hang it there for some aesthetic look or over the bed for some straight-outta-castle goals. You can even put some on your mirror for a vanity look. 

2.       Massive Green Potted Plants 

Plants are the breath of fresh air we need in our homes for great health. Oversized and tall green plants give a fresh look to your overall décor. They look really pretty when kept near the bed.

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3.       Open Wardrobe 

Ditch the old form of wardrobes and manage your clothes in a better way. A simple mirror can be paired just next to your open wardrobe for a simpler look. It will make your life much laidback. 

4.       White Furniture 

A crisp all white is an absolutely classic look. It’s like a blank canvas and you can build however you like it. You can add colours, hues of black-gray or keep it as it as. You can easily change the way your room looks in few minutes as you like.

5.       Ditch The Bed

You can make most of the space in your bedroom by removing the bed. Get a convertible daybed or foam sleeping mats instead of a bed. Hang a bulb right on top to use as a nightlamp and add decorative posters of your choice.

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