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Bring all the wonders of the sea into your home by buying some fish and housing them in these fish tanks and aquariums. Whether you’ve won a goldfish at the local carnival or want to get your kids a pet to teach them some responsibility, fish need a place to live. Not everybody is going to have baby sharks or rare, exotic fish in their homes like you see villains in movies have. Just owning some fish is a nice comfort in any home and a pleasure to look at. So take a peek at the three we’ve highlighted before and add a relaxing piece to your living room.

Best Plastic Fish Tank

With its small size, the is perfect for one or two fish. It has a clear plastic canopy with a feeding hole at the top and it holds 1.1 gallons of water. It has a movable LED light that can illuminate from the top or bottom, depending on which you prefer. With its half moon design, you get views from everywhere. It is perfect for a betta fish, which won’t grow large. It can fit on any desktop or table and is perfect as the focal point of a room.

Best Medium Size Fish Tank

Offering a different design, the is a cube and features an LED light to show off your fish. Made from glass and acrylic, the aquarium is equipped with a Tetra 3i filter to keep the tank clean and visible. It measures 10″ D x 10″W x 10.512″H and holds up to three gallons of water. It comes with a pedestal base that allows it to be placed anywhere in your home to maximize enjoyment. The low voltage power adapter keeps the filter running and your fish safe. It can hold multiple fish to enhance your style.

Best Large Fish Tank

The has many impressive features and won’t take up a lot of space, thanks to its tall design. It has a three-stage hidden back panel filtration that lets you adjust the flow filter pump. It has a white LED light that creates a shimmer on the water, as well as a blue LED light for a moonlight glow. It has a hinged light so you can see exactly what you’re looking at when you’re looking from above to feed the fish. The sliding glass canopy makes it easy to access the water to clean it. Holding up to 5 gallons of water, it’s just what you need for all your fish.

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