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Being health conscious is not about bugging out and watching one’s figure anymore. This includes several technological measuring equipment and accessories to monitor one’s status –  be it for one’s weight, heart rate, oxygen levels, and even the different intakes that enter the human body.

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Bodyweight is one of the commonly checked “level” in the human physique, varying from any age or generation. The human body’s mass and figure are the most looked after numbers that concern the person, sometimes being the foremost comparative metric.

A person’s body mass is primarily a concern for image and physique among the society, with a significant number of the world’s population bent on reducing weight through workouts and recreational activities. While some people go to specialized gyms hiring their physical therapist and dietitian, most are resorting to home remedies and the internet.

Body Composition Monitors are rising in popularity these days, with most of the society left at home with no choice of visiting wellness experts and gyms. According to , monitors are essential even in home settings because they provide better and accurate readings that one can interpret for a guided training.

One of the primary concerns of a “Body Composition Monitor” is to see several statuses of the human body that are invisible to the naked eye. At first look in the mirror, a person cannot see their muscle mass or body fat.

How to Properly Use Body Fat Monitors

This is where body monitors come in. More specifically, Body Fat Monitors are something that most people look down on because it is easily recognizable when looking at one’s self in a mirror. That’s the common misconception against the body’s fat content and percentage.

According to , countless numbers surround the body’s composition, and one of the most known is the Body Fat Percentage.This number directly affects the body’s weight gain and loss process as it stores fat cells and all the accumulated carbs and calories from food intake.

The American corporation for health and wellness also noted that body-fat percentage is also an excellent matrix to determine if the body is at risk for morbid diseases such as heart ailments, stroke, and diabetes.

Modern body fat monitors are now digital and electronic, with most of it widely available to partner with a smartphone’s applications and determine the summary for a person’s composition. Most monitors are Bluetooth enabled and will perform all the features and needs of a person concerned for their body status.

How it Works

According to , body composition monitors are mostly using an ‘electroshock’ metric to measure one’s body fat. Users would have to stand above a device that mostly looks like a weighing scale; then, it will send unnoticeable currents from the feet up to different parts of the body.

The current would not electrocute the user as body fats have little water in them as opposed to muscles and tissues. The electricity resistance would determine one’s fat percentage, along with one’s input of sex, height, age, fitness level, and personal data, which a specific app requires.

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Best Picks for Body Fat Monitors

Choosing the perfect one for a user’s needs is a hassle because of the numerous devices widely available to the public. There are considerable differences in functions and features among the publicly available monitors, not to mention the value for money.

Tanita RD-901 Plus IRONMAN- Glass Android and iPhone Ready

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Tanita is a Japanese health and wellness corporation that prides itself in bringing different products that concern fitness. Its top device for body composition monitor is the favorite, Tanita RD-901 Ironman Glass scale that uses the ‘MULTI FREQUENCY’ technology to monitor various body concerns.

The product is readily available to connect to smartphones through Bluetooth connectivity for the Android and iOS platforms. The RD-901 boasts an FDA-approved bioelectric impedance and a variety of “smart” functions. Tanita’s monitor can also accommodate hefty people up to a maximum of 440 lbs. or almost 200 kilograms.

The RD-901 is the partner of the world’s ultimate physical, mental, and endurance test, the IRONMAN triathlon.

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Balance High Accuracy Digital Body Fat Scale

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One of the most basic simple technology in this list is Balance’s body composition monitor that does not have a smartphone application and Bluetooth connectivity options. However, this device’s lack of “smart” functions compensates with numerous features that will give everything a user needs.

The Balance High Accuracy Digital Body Fat Scale’s features include measuring hydration levels, body fat percentage, weight, bone mass, muscle mass, and the Body Mass Index (BMI). The simple and low profile tempered glass design also makes it appealing for most minimalist customers. Balance also offers an affordable monitor for anyone to use at any time.

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Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale

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Omron is one of the most recognizable brands in health and wellness globally. The Japanese electronics company specializes in devices that focus on fitness with various healthcare choices and other needs.

Omron’s Body Composition Monitor with Scale is the most peculiar-looking among the list. The device has a ‘pulley’ function that will help in accurately monitoring one’s overall composition. The device cannot accommodate a “smart” function or Bluetooth connectivity; however, it can store up to six months of data in its memory.

The device measures body age, weight, resting metabolism, BMI, visceral fat, body fat percentage, and skeletal muscle. The ‘pulley’ cord brings the display closer to a person’s eye level, enabling a person to check the measurements without interfering with the process.

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Yunmai Premium Smart Scale

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Yunmai’s Premium Smart Scale is one of the most top-rated and crowd favorite device on the list. The Chinese technology company offers the “smartest” device on the list. With its interactive and intuitive application gives users ease in using the device.

The premium scale’s smartphone application can connect to FitBit, Google Fit, and Apple Health. It also offers to store 16 different user profiles for monitoring one’s body composition. Yunmai’s scale also offers ten functions, including hydration levels, weight, body fat percentage, bone mass, muscle mass, and BMI.

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Withings Body+

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Withings is a French consumer electronics company that offers healthcare technology with its famous Body+ composition scale. Withings Body+ Smart Body Composition Digital Scale is another of the most advanced device on this list.

Withings’ technology uses Wi-Fi connectivity to send data from the scale to one’s smartphone application. The Body+ model is the top-selling smart scale in the country. Withings Body+ monitors the body weight, body fat and water percentage, muscle and bone mass, and the Body Mass Index.

The only downside is some users report of the heart rate measurement to be not as accurate as others.

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